About Us
Genex Marmi & Graniti was established in Massa Carrara, Italy
during the late 1970's.
Since that time, the company had been continuously outsourcing, manufacturing, selecting, distributing finished natural stone and building enormous establishments and projects worldwide. Genex Marmi & Graniti has activities such as sales and purchasing on almost all continents with a major project contracting experience throughout the Middle East, Europe and Australia. Since its inception in Massa Carrara, Genex Marmi & Graniti has distributed millions of finished Square meters of stones all over the world, which helped it develop and extend its activities to include more than just stone supply.
Now it is supplying, finishing and installing stones.
Our affiliated companies
After studying the markets' growth's rate, the company's partners decided to establish other companies.
LEBANON: During 1987, they established the Company CAMA SARL in Antelias. CAMA is nowadays considered one of the Lebanese leaders in supplying and manufacturing Marble and Granite. CAMA also has its own factory, located in Zikrit. This factory contributed in covering a big part of the Lebanese market's needs, beginning from supplying simple orders to houses (flooring, kitchen tops & wall cladding) to manufacturing big quantities for big projects and also exporting to the Arab countries, to Australia and to Africa. In 1993, they established a diamond tools factory in collaboration with an Italian group under the name of DIAMOND GEX. Their production is mainly distributed in the local market and to the Emirate's market. In 1995, they also established an abrasive factory covering all the needs of the Lebanese marble and granite producers under the name of Genex M.G. SARL. AUSTRALIA: In 2002, they established with the O'NEIL family in Sydney a new company under the name of GENEX MARMI & GRANITI PTY. It was a big opportunity due to the Australian market's growth. The company was dissolved due to new commercial strategies. DUBAI-QATAR: They established a J.V. with TRADE & TRADE offshore. That presence gave Genex an opportunity because it allowed it to have a direct access into a promising market in constant evolution. From Dubai, Genex covered all the area of U.A.E. and especially in Qatar. With this organization, Genex Marmi & Graniti was able to undertake the execution of many projects offering the highest qualified services and efficiencies. From Dubai, Genex expanded its market and targeted the Market of Qatar. It started with the supplying of stone and marble to the SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY PARK internally and externally stonework for more than 50,000 sqm. After that, Genex expanded on its own and executed many other projects that will be mentioned in the pages to come to show the range executed by Genex and not their totalities. DOHA: GENEX/ATLANTICO JV Due to market demands and expansion of the installation works, Genex has established a joint venture with a local company in order to undertake a wider range of projects and to facilitate several transactions. The JV's official registration papers are here attached.